05 October 2009

UC's very own Darth Vader

As reported by the UCSB Daily Nexus, Pres. Yudof traveled to Irvine on Saturday to sit down with UCI Chancellor Drake for a group interview with various UC student newspapers. The interview itself rehearses the same main talking points as in Yudof's address to the Regents or his Chronicle piece. What is noteworthy is that a "swarm" of students and service workers had planned a protest in advance of Yudof's arrival in Irvine and that as a consequence Pres. Yudof had to be whisked to an "undisclosed location" (pretty much like the original Darth Vader) to meet the student reporters.

It says a lot about the sorry state of the University when the UC President dos not stop to chat with — in fact purposely avoids —  a few dozen students and service workers who are, after all, members of his own constituency.

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