11 December 2009

Dirty old tricks?

I'd like to pick up on Bob Samuel's informative post concerning a study on UC's compensation practices commissioned by UCOP. According to the study, UC salaries are 22% below market for senior managment and senior professionals, but 18%  above market for union-represented employees. Faculty are about 10% below market. Given the recent wave of indignation about the explosive growth of high administrative positions, this seems like an eminently self-serving outcome. And in fact, not everything is kosher in the study, which was not based on total compensation:
Consistent with industry practices, cash compensation was defined as base salary, excluding forms of rewards that generally are not a part of ongoing compensation.
It's the same old trick: furlough amounts were also determined on base salary alone. exempting highest-paid employees' generous extra compensation from the reduction. 

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