06 January 2010

On the road to Damascus

In his state of the State address today, Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a constitutional amendment that would shift funding priorities in Calfornia, limiting Dept. of Corrections expenditures to no more than 7% of the state budget while giving UC and CSU together a baseline of 10% of state budget. The amendment needs to be approved by the legislature before being put on the ballot in June or perhaps November. This seems like good news (frankly, anything would at this point). Some details are here, and more will follow.

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  1. A more detailed indication of what the governor is proposing is available at http://images.emaildirect.com/clients/govpressoffice847/SOTSReshapingPrioritiesforHigherEducation.pdf

    However, there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip!