02 March 2010

CUCFA statement in support of California Democracy Act

The Council of UC Faculty Associations has released a statement in support of George Lakoff's proposed constitutional amendment to change the 2/3 majority rule back to a simple majority in matters of budget and revenue. 

The California Democracy Act is the initiative started by George Lakoff to restore a simple majority requirement for state budget and tax changes. Californians for Democracy are now collecting signatures to get the initiative on the fall statewide ballot.

You can learn more and download a petition for the ballot initiative to at http://www.ca4democracy.com/

You can’t actually sign the petition online. But, if you are a California registered voter, you can print it out, sign it, and mail it in by listing yourself as both signatory and circulator/witness. There is also a version of the form that allows you to add three more signatories. All signatories on a single form must be registered in the same county.

The deadline is April 12. By then 697,000 valid signatures will be needed, but to insure sufficient valid signatures are collected the goal is to collect 1 million signatures.

The Council for UC Faculty Associations endorses the initiative. This signature gathering effort is an opportunity for you to join your colleagues in helping to change the structure of the state legislature so that an intransigent minority will no longer be able to stop all action on the budget.

Please download the petition, sign it, and send it C4D. Although this is a long shot in the present political climate in California, it's the best hope we have. If this fails to qualify or gets voted down in November, it would be very bad news for the state and the university.

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