22 November 2010

What else did the Regents do?

Well, we know the Regents increased student tuition by 8%, and we know that one UCPD oficer drew a gun on students protesting the fee increase (UCPD also proceeded to take down legally posted fliers on the Berkeley campus denouncing this extreme over-reaction to the student protests — so much for the First Amendment).

Less known is that the Regents also proceeded to approve total compensation of $481,000 for the Vice Chancellor of Research at UC Davis, an increase of $243,600 over the compensation previously approved for this position. Executive VP of Business Operations Nathan Bostrum justified the appointment by pointing out the plight of UC's senior managment:
If you look at our senior management, they're grossly underpaid relative to the market. Our chancellors are 22 percent under market relative to other executives.

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