10 January 2011

Brown's budget proposal

The governor's proposal is out, and it call for billions in welfare cuts, hundreds of millions in take-home pay cuts for unrepresented state workers, as well as  half a billion dollars in cuts for UC and CSU — each. As one correspondent put it:
20% cut — that's the end of UC.
Also, UCOP just released Yudof's open letter on the proposed budget cuts; with these proposed cuts, for the first time students would pay more in fees than the state contributes to the university. In response Yudof expresses a preference
to not seek an additional fee increase; that said, I cannot fully commit to this course until the board and I have assessed the impact of permanent reductions on campuses. I also will attempt to maintain, if feasible, the programs of financial aid that are so crucial to our public mission of serving all qualified California students, regardless of family income level.
There is, according to the letter, but one course of action to absorbs cuts of this magnitude:
The physics of the situation cannot be denied — as the core budget shrinks, so must the university.

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