12 July 2009

A bone-headed idea

Chocolate Nation reports that Andrew Scull, Chair of UCSD's Sociology Department has written an open letter — co-signed by another twenty-two UCSD Department Chairs — advocating closing UC's newly-minted Merced campus and calling for reduced funding for Riverside and Santa Cruz.

President Yudof's reply to the proposal is here. UCOP obviously agrees with the title of the present post.

Or maybe Prof. Scull had a jump start on the proposed AB 390.

UPDATE: speaking of bone-headed ideas, Leland Yee's proposal to take control of UC away from the Regents give it to the legislature has been officially taken off the table.


  1. Is there a copy of the (signed) letter floating around?

  2. The California Professor was not able to find a copy of the letter, but will gladly post a link to it, if one were provided.

    The longest excerpt is published by the Merced Sun-Star here.

  3. This proposal - to eliminate one campus and turn two others, in effect, into Cal State campuses - is based on a faulty premise, viz. that any savings that would be realized could (and would!) be used to return the other more worthy UC campuses to the good times. But the reality would be that there would be exactly the same dollars for the remaining campuses as no doubt the state would simply keep the savings. UC is funded on a per capita basis, and so there would be no change in funding to individual campuses, no matter the number of campuses: fewer campuses, fewer dollars to the system overall, same amount to each campus.

  4. In fact the text of the letter and the signatures are available here.