17 July 2009

How many philosophy professors does it take ...

... to screw in a light bulb at UCLA's Pauley Pavillion?

Quite a few, apparently. At the same meeting where the UC Regents approved President Yudof's plan for furloughs, they also approved a $185M renovation for the Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion,where UCLA plays basketball. That is very close to the total amount that is to be saved by furlough for faculty and staff at the ten campuses.

Of course, the money for the Pauley renovation cannot be re-directed to support the academic mission of the University — says who?

The $185M is supposed to come from private donations (about $100M), combined student fees ($25M), and external financing ($60M borrowed against future revenues, I suppose).

So here is an idea: suspend the renovations, go back to the people who donated (or are expected to donate) $100M and ask for permission to use the money to support academics at UC.

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