21 August 2009

More pain down the road

UC President Mark Yudof warned of more cuts coming next year, when federal stimulus money runs out, with a predicted shortfall of about $600M (this year's cuts for UC amounted to about $800M). President Yudof also indicated the need for the State to start paying for Higher Ed perhaps through higher taxes or live with a "crummy university." Yudof did not specify which taxes he had in mind a refused to endorse an oil severance tax to fund Higher Ed in California the way a similar tax is used in Texas, for instance. Yudof also defended excutive compensaton practices at UC against state Sen. Leland Yee's (D-San Francisco) plan to cap salaries for UC's top brass. UC Chancellors, according to Yudof, already make $200K less per year than administrators at similar univeristies across the country. Funny how the salary lag at UC appears to be a big problem when it affects senior administrators but it is hardly mentioned for faculty and staff.

As reported in a different news item, beside again defending salaries of the top brass, including Davis's new chancellor, Yudof also warned UC unions to approve the furloughs or face layoffs.

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