30 August 2009

UCSB, UCSC divisions speak up against furloughs

Two strongly worded letters from Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz divisional chairs take exception with the furloughs and their implementation, especially as regards the now (in)famous Pitts memo. The SB letter can be found here (thanks to Chris's Blog Archives for posting it), and the SC letter is here.

Especially the SC letter is impressive for the way the argument for furloughs and their implementation on non-instructional days is dismantled, under four distinct headings:
  1. Incoherence of UCOP’s view of our Systemwide mission;
  2. UCOP’s Inability to Follow [its own] Guidelines;
  3. Institution of Tiering of Salary and Effort by Discipline;
  4. UCOP’s Messaging, or Lack Thereof.
It is a great read altogether. Hats off to the SC division for speaking up!

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