11 September 2009

The second Pitts memo

UC Provost Lawrence Pitts has issued an "open letter" to the faculty, supposedly to explain the reasons behind the first Pitts memo.  As one can imagine, we approached the open letter with some trepidation, given that the original memo did not address any of the reasons behind such a divisive choice, and also because of the tantalizing tidbit found in the Powell-Simmons letter to the AAUP.

Needless to say, we were disappointed. The second Pitts memo only rehearses the argument that furloughs should not be taken on instructional days "because of the additional hardship it potentially would cause for our students."

In the meantime, UC Davis Provost/EVC Lavernia has announced in a letter to the Chairs that he is "prepared to provide departments with temporary support funds" to make sure that "students do not show up to an empty classroom."

Oh? Who knew that there was extra money floating around the University?

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