08 September 2009

Unit 18 lecturers not participating in furloughs

As reported by Bob Samuels:
The UC Office of the President has informed UC-AFT that Unit 18 lecturers will not be participating in the furlough plan.
This is probably not good news for the lecturers. Looks like UCOP is trying to achieve salary savings more directly through layoffs. Lecturers with less than 18 quarters of service (so-called "pre-6" lecturers) have very little protection under the contract, and can be laid off with little or no notice, but post-6 lecturers need a 12-month notice before they can be laid off. That's why 67 UCLA lecturers in Humanities and Social Sciences were all given letters to the effect that their contracts will not be renewed as of next summer. This was presented as a precautionary measure that the Administration had little intention to follow through —we are not so sure any more — now that the Administration can achieve salary savings and bust a union at the same time.

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